Home Organization Matthews

Located in Mecklenburg County, Matthews has an estimated population of 33,138 residents. The town boasts excellent public schools, great weather, and an incredibly diverse community.


Additionally, Matthews is home to lucrative job opportunities, a decent nightlife scene, and plenty of outdoor activities. Notable attractions include Squirrel Lake Park, Purser-Hulsey Park, Matthews Heritage Museum, Four Mile Creek Greenway, and Stumptown Park.

The Role of Home Organization in Our Lives

Matthews may be a small town, but its close proximity to big cities means its residents still enjoy a fast-paced lifestyle. Because people are almost always in a hurry to be somewhere, they often leave a messy home behind.


Messy homes, though, have a lot of disadvantages. For one thing, they give off an uninviting appearance. They feel cramped and suffocating. Cluttered spaces also give you a harder time finding the things you need. On top of that, all the dust and dirt that accumulates can pose a threat to your health.


In comparison, clean and organized spaces let you recenter your mind and put yourself at ease. Because people live busy lives, though, home organization is rarely at the top of their to-do lists. This is where Intentional Spaces Organized can help.


Here at ISO, we specialize in organizing your home for you. We cater to all the different rooms in your home, including kitchens, pantries, closets, bedrooms, and garages. We also offer moving and relocation services, decor and design services, and virtual organizing services, if you’re looking for a more affordable option.

For Efficient and Purposeful Home Organization Services

Intentional Spaces Organized works hard to reshape the spaces in your home and turn them into comfortable living areas – all at a reasonable price.


We start our process with a 30-minute consultation and walkthrough of your home. This gives us the opportunity to take measurements and discuss your objectives, which we will use as a basis for the system we design. You will then receive a proposal from us with all of the details of the project, including the materials needed and the project schedule.


After receiving your approval, we carry on with the implementation. During this time, we welcome your real-time feedback to help execute the project perfectly. The final reveal of your newly designed and functional space will leave you in awe.


For the best home organization in Matthews, call us today at 704.488.0838 or contact us online.