Home Organization

Coming home to a cluttered and disorderly space can disrupt your flow and leave you feeling cramped. Intentional Spaces Organized can revolutionize your home with tailored organizational methods and systems based on your lifestyle and unique needs. After all, everyone deserves to live in a comfortable space.

Our Process

We start our process with a 30-minute in-home consultation which involves walking through your space, measuring everything, and discussing what needs to be done. After this initial visit, we will send you a carefully crafted proposal consisting of the project schedule and the materials required to support the functionality and style of the created system. 


Then, we get to work. We categorize, organize, and implement — all while taking your voice into account. The entire process ends with a showing of the newly arranged space and a smile on your face.

Spaces We Transform​

Our team applies our home organizing methods and skills to the following areas and spaces:


Spend less time searching for ingredients with a neatly packed and stacked pantry or refrigerator.


A clean and well-organized kitchen is easier to cook in.


Never again have a hard time going through your closet in search of that shirt you bought months ago or your favorite pair of jeans.


Power tools lying around? Boxes of clutter everywhere? Say no more! We do garage organization, too.

Home Office

A cluttered mind is unfocused. In the same way, a cluttered home office is hard to work in and impedes productivity.


You deserve to relax and sleep in a perfectly organized bedroom where cluttered distractions don’t exist.

Kids Room/Playroom

Stepping on a Lego in the middle of the night is a pain only a parent could understand. Let your kids play in a neatly composed space.


The Benefits of Home Organization

Organizing your home poses several benefits, including but not limited to:


Relieves stress

Less time wasted on searching for misplaced items and cleaning

Boosts productivity

Chaos-free and happy living

Folding Clothes Home Organization Service

Begin Your Organizing Journey With Us

Intentional Space Organized works closely with you to edit your space and transform it into a well-organized sanctuary that suits your lifestyle and needs.