Senior Moves and Downsizing Service

Senior Moves and Downsizing

Moving is hard enough when you’re young. But when age has gotten the better of you, moving is a chore. Here at Intentional Spaces Organized, we aim to make downsizing a breeze.

Keep Memories, Not Clutter

Years of photos, letters, and keepsakes are indicative of a life well-lived. Some objects, though, aren’t valuable enough to keep around. We’ll help you sort out your belongings and determine which ones are worth holding onto and which ones should go to the donation pile.

Packing and Unpacking

It can be overwhelming to pack your entire life into boxes. We’ll make sure your move goes smoothly by packing your belongings according to a proven system. Then we’ll help you unpack and arrange your items in your new home. Using carefully crafted organizational schemes, we can make moving easy — even life-changing. No need to exert extra effort in carrying those boxes, too!

Organizing Moving Services
Moving and Relocation Organization

More Than a Helping Hand

Here at Intentional Spaces Organized, we take structure to a whole new level. We understand how frustrating moving can be, especially when you’re older. Our services are designed to make senior moves and downsizing easy by utilizing proven solutions.


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